About Hule

Forever Furniture.
Things that are built to last.
The story behind.

Our products give every interior a unique feeling. Before we started our journey with design, we had traveled a lot, we learned the potential and properties of natural materials in the workshops of outstanding craftsmen, and in lecture halls, we critically analyzed the relationship between design and art in various aspects of civilization. Above all, however, we had been meeting people. We established relationships with them, experienced emotions, widened our consciousness.

About Hule

We are all about emotionsInspirational forms, fresh colors, intriguing lighting – fascinating interiors trigger positive emotions. Thanks to them we become happier and we make others happy.

Second chance

Beyond CircularityBy giving your HULE a second chance, you are building a healthy relationship with the nature!

About Hule

RelationshipsDefining the relationship between design, craftsmanship, and a man resulted in the creation of HULE. A relationship driven by a passion for the responsible creation of things that are functional, durable, and yet beautiful at the same time translates into our mission.


ConsciousnessWant to modify your HULE? Or maybe it needs fixing, refreshing? If so – contact us. Be a conscious consumer, give your HULE a second life. Let your joy be restored.